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Helping Teens with their Social and Emotional Health

I’m a mom to two teenage girls. When I tell people this, some laugh knowingly, and most offer pity. It’s an interesting twist in my life; I’ve been teaching adolescents since 2007 and have helped hundreds of parents get their teens to do homework, improve their reading and study skills and more. ​ I now…

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Data is not a four-letter word- Part 1

Data used to scare me. I’m not going to lie. I’m a word person, so when I entered the education field and saw a stack of standardized test results in my box, my brain exploded. Not really, but it was a bit overwhelming. The truth is, we use data all the time to inform our…

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R.I.P.P.L.E. Pilot Takes Off

A pilot study is something researchers do on a small scale to examine feasibility, to identify effective methods, to determine goals and to resolve problems before implementing the project on a larger scale. I am grateful to two school principals and their guidance counselor for agreeing to participate in the pilot. We are in week…

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