PEERS® for Teens - Social Skills Classes- Next Group Begins July 2023

PEERS® classes include parent and teen groups and are limited to 10 participants.
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PEERS®...  14 sessions... skills that last a lifetime!

More about PEERS®: As a certified PEERS® Provider, we teach young adults and teens in middle and high school the skills for making and keeping friends. We provide instruction and practice in important techniques for handling conflict, entering and exiting conversations, using humor and more.

Topics include:

♦ How to use appropriate conversational skills
​♦ How to be a good host during get-togethers
♦ How to find common interests by trading information
♦ How to make phone calls to friends
♦ How to appropriately use humor
♦ How to choose appropriate friends
♦ How to enter and exit conversations between peers
♦ How to be a good sport
♦ How to handle rejection, teasing, and bullying
♦ How to handle arguments and disagreements
♦ How to handle rumors and gossip
​♦ How to change a bad reputation

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