large-Kelly Weedon Noda_ MA_ BCBA

Our Founder, Kelly, worked in education for over a decade teaching hundreds of kids how to write and communicate. It was while teaching in an inclusion classroom that she decided to get out of teaching and start doing what she really loved— helping families and other professionals in the Jacksonville community find needed support for kids who aren't successful in traditional settings and are just getting passed on. This focus on individualized training and therapeutic educational solutions eventually led to the prototype of Proactive Life Skills!

Kelly is married (Eric) with two children (Tori and Sophie). She's originally from Jax but lived in AL, GA, SC and NC. She did her undergrad degree at University of Alabama (anthropology), took graduate business coursework at Mercer University, has a Masters from UNC-Charlotte (linguistics) and a second Masters in Special Ed from University of West Florida. These days, she likes running (especially beaches running events), reading on the beach and everything else that has to do with the beach! Ask her about her obsession with dolphins 😎